Tropical Petal


  • 1 Remove a Clear PERFORMANCE FORM® from the plastic paper.
  • 2Over the shiny side of the paper, apply a thin layer of VINYLUX®Powder My Nose. While polish is still wet, quickly add one drop ofVINYLUX® Bicycle Yellow followed by a drop of VINYLUX® Tango Passion and VINYLUX® Cerulean Sea. While still wet, drag a stylus through the center of the drops.
  • 3Dip the tip of a dry Gel Flat Oval Brush into Additives Midnight Tide onto the Cerulean Sea portion of the design. Let dry completely for about one hour.
  • 4 P.E.P. the natural nail and apply a CND® Clear PERFORMANCE FORM®. Apply a BRISA® Lite Removable Clear Gel enhancement and finish with the 180 side of the Blizzard™ File. (For details, see our “BRISA® Lite Removable Gel Enhancements Sculpted on a Form” Step-by-Step.)
  • 5Apply a thin layer of VINYLUX® Powder My Nose to the nail.
  • 6Carefully cut out the custom VINYLUX® polish transfer design and apply to the nail. Use a Gel Flat Oval Brush to press and smooth onto the nail.
  • 7Apply a thin layer of VINYLUX® Top Coat to the entire nail.