• 1P.R.E.P. the natural nail and apply a CND®Clear Tip. Apply a thin base layer of RETENTION+® Clear Sculpting Powder and finish with the 180 side of the Hot Shot™ File. (For details, see our “Liquid & Powder Enhancements Sculpted on a Tip” Step-by-Step.)
  • 2Mix RETENTION+® Sculpting Powder and Additives in mixing jars to create the design’s colors. Cap jars and shake thoroughly to blend. To maintain the integrity of the enhancement never mix more than 30% Additives to any powder blend.

    Yellow Glitter
    - 4 parts RETENTION+® Sculpting Powder Clear 
    - ½ part Additives Tropic Sunrise Pigment
    - ½ part Additives Sizzling Sand Glitter
  • 3Apply Yellow Glitter powder to the entire nail. Clean brush thoroughly.
  • 4Lightly smooth the enhancement with the 180 side of the Hot Shot File without removing the color.
  • 5Apply a thin layer of CND® SHELLAC® Zillionaire. Cure for two minutes in the CND® UV Lamp.
  • 6Apply small drops of CND® SHELLAC® Tango Passion, CND® SHELLAC® Cerulean Sea and CND® SHELLAC® Sultry Sunset into the uncured Zillionaire, and use a stylus to drag through the three drops of CND® SHELLAC® colors to create a marbleized effect. Cure for two minutes.
  • 7Apply a thin layer of CND® SHELLAC® Top Coat and cure for two minutes.
  • 8Wipe with 99% Alcohol to remove top film.