Old World Red

  • 1P.E.P. the natural nail. (For details see our “VINYLUX® Polish System Application” Step-by-Steps.)
  • 2Apply two thin layers of VINYLUX® Faux Fur.
  • 3Dip the tip of a fan brush into VINYLUX® Rubble and feather diagonally over the top quarter of the nail.
  • 4Repeat with VINYLUX® Crimson Sash over the center of the nail slightly overlapping Rubble, and VINYLUX® Fine Vermilion across the bottom third of the nail.
  • 5Feather VINYLUX® Locket Love diagonally across the top and bottom of the nail blending colors together.
  • 6Apply a thin layer of VINYLUX® Weekly Top Coat.
  • 7While the top coat is still wet, apply brown and gold bullion diagonally across the nail.