• 1P.E.P. the natural nail. (For details see our “CND® SHELLAC®” Step-by-Steps.)
  • 2Apply a thin layer of CND® SHELLAC® Base Coat and cure for 10 seconds in the CND® UV Lamp.
  • 3Apply a thin layer of CND® SHELLAC® Powder My Nose and cure for two minutes.
  • 4Apply a thin layer of CND® SHELLAC® Cerulean Sea in a triangle shape at the extension edge.
  • 5Apply a thin layer of CND® SHELLAC® Tango Passion at the cuticle area in a triangle shape. Cure for two minutes.
  • 6Use a small detail brush to apply a thin layer of CND® SHELLAC® Electric Orange in a skinny chevron shape outlining the Tango Passion and overlapping the other colors. Cure for two minutes.
  • 7Use the detail brush with CND® SHELLAC® Black Pool to outline Electric Orange and Cerulean Sea and add the criss-cross pattern over Powder My Nose. Cure for two minutes.
  • 8Apply a thin layer of CND® SHELLAC® Top Coat. DO NOT CURE>
  • 9Place three Swarovski crystals at the tip of each color. Cure for two minutes.
  • 10(Optional.) Using a detail brush, carefully encase the edges of the crystals with a thin layer of CND® SHELLAC® Top Coat and cure for two minutes.
  • 11Wipe with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to remove top film.